Friday, April 22, 2005

Dare I say????

Could the Sox possibly own the Orioles this year? I know it's early, but it sure seems like those damn Orioles always screw with the Sox. Regardless of whether or not the Sox own the Orioles, the Yankees certainly don't. The O's are 5-1 against the Yanks already this year, after going 5-14 against they last year and 6-13 against them in 2003.

What can I say about David Wells and Matt Clement other than HELL YES! This is what we need from the two of you. Shutting down one of the most potent offenses in the AL this year on back to back nights. Especially after they came off a 7-2 streak where they had scored 60 runs in those 9 games.

Something that I doubt anyone would have expected after only 16 games:

Sox Starters:

Tim Wakefield 1.37 ERA
Matt Clement 2.13 ERA
David Wells 3.51 ERA
Bronson Arroyo 3.86 ERA
Curt Schilling 6.75 ERA
All Starters: 3.15 ERA (4 unearned runs)

Yankee Starters:

Carl Pavano 2.86 ERA
Mike Mussina 4.50 ERA
Randy Johnson 5.13 ERA
Kevin Brown 9.00 ERA
Jaret Wright 10.05 ERA
All Starters: 5.46 ERA (12 unearned runs)

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

A couple of mammoth blasts

Both Manny and David hit monster homers in last nights game, but to no avail. The Sox lost in the 9th, with Foulke taking the loss. I'm not too concerned with Foulke, I'm sure he'll be as solid as usual once May rolls around.

Bronson looked good as usual, giving up 8 hits, 1 walk, and 1 earned run in 7 innings, lowering his ERA to 3.86. He's making a case for staying in the starting rotation when Miller gets healthy. At this point, the way Wakefield and Bronson are pitching, I'd have to say that we should send Wells to the bullpen if Miller is ready to enter the rotation, but it's still way too early to tell.

Manny was taken out of the game in the top of the 8th, but the issue was for health reasons, not defensive ones. Apparently one of his quads has been hurting him for a few days. If he continues to hit like he has (5 homers in 4 games), let's hope his quad hurts him all year.

The Sox extended the contract of Tim Wakefield yesterday, which I think is great news. Living in Tennessee, I don't get to see the Sox very often, but it seems like just about every time I do, Tim is pitching. Although I would prefer to see someone else every once in a while, Tim always seems to win when I see him. I've seen him 4 of the 5 times I've seen the Sox in the last 2 seasons (3 spring training games, 2 regular season games).

Oh yeah, Trot Nixon got a hit last night so my hitting streak is up to 5 games.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Just Manny being Manny

While some may get infuriated watching Manny play in the outfield, he has the opposite impact on me. Granted, I don't like seeing him flub two flyouts like he did today, but it doesn't happen that often, and at least he can shrug it off and take care of what he does best: hitting.

I was in the PSF chat room during the game and it was brought up that possibly Manny had thought his 3 run homer earlier had been a walk off shot. Funny stuff there.

The Sox are currently on a roll and all is well with the world. Even though I'm tired as hell tonight (I work overnights and should have been asleep during the early game yesterday), I still feel on top of the world.

Unfortunately, a look into the near future doesn't look quite as promising (the next three pitchers we face, followed by my predictions for big nights against them):

TOR: Halladay (2-0, 3.27 ERA) Trot Nixon
BAL: Chen (1-0, 1.80 ERA) Jason Varitek
BAL: Lopez (2-0, 2.66 ERA) David Ortiz

The Sox players named above are the ones that I've picked for my beat the streak game. Pretty cool game, only takes a couple of minutes a day to play. I found it 4 days ago and currently have a 4 game hitting streak thanks to the following players:

4/15/05 Jason Varitek (2 for 4)
4/16/05 Manny Ramirez (2 for 3)
4/17/05 Kevin Millar (2 for 3)
4/18/05 David Ortiz (1 for 4)

You can choose any player you want to, I just prefer to pick Sox players myself, but that will have to change when the Sox have an off day.

I'm compiling a huge list of the Sox related sites I visit on an almost daily basis. I really need to put it up as links, but I'm feeling too lazy tonight. Maybe tomorrow night.

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Steroid rage part 2

Upon further checking, I still have absolutely no clue what the fan was doing. The best I can come up with was that he was trying to take a swipe at Sheffield without seeming too obvious about it. Either way, the fan was an idiot. I still dislike Sheffield and his extremely wasted motion while at the plate. Sheff, take a look at Manny and see how a true hitter swings.

I work overnight, so I already know that the Sox won tonight 10-0 and that DO hit a granny. Good stuff. Thanks to MLBTV, I'll be watching the game in a little while. I have to give my props to MLBTV. This year I was fighting with myself over whether I should get MLBTV or MLBEI, well I decided on TV due to the fact that I can't carry EI with me everywhere I go, like the in-laws house or work even. Obviously the quality isn't as good, but at least this way I get to watch no less than 150 games this year without having to record them and watch them when I've got 3 hours in front of the television (I never have that much time).

Another idiot? BDD. His current post has a picture of the new signs at Fenway. "FANS WHO ATTEMPT TO INTERFERE WITH BALLS IN PLAY WILL BE EJECTED" Then, he says "But They Just... Don't ... Listen and has a picture of a guy holding his child upside down to pick a ball up off the field. Below, he says "The Yahoo Parents Are All About Signatures and Souvenirs These Days. The Game Has Become Secondary. These pictures were quite obviously taken during batting practice. Here's a newsflash for you dirtdog, batting practice balls are not balls in play. I've been going to professional ballgames for over 30 years and batting practice has always been about trying to get a souvenir or a signature. As a matter of fact, when foul balls are hit during the game, there has always been a rush to try to get one. I'm sorry if your press credentials have numbed your love and excitement for the game, but please stop acting holier than everyone else. It's really making you look pretentious and stupid. Oh, and your comment about the "Red Sox Nation Card Holders" was also stupid. Your site used to be amusing, now that you're associated with, you've just become sad.

Friday, April 15, 2005

A team motivational coach?

Apparently $205 million isn't enough.

Things that annoy me part 1

If Bronson Arroyo would have had the same strike zone as Randy Johnson tonight, the game would have been 8-1, as he would have been out of the inning with Sheffield striking out. Apparently, the home plate umpire tonight, Greg Gibson, has had a run in with E-Rod before.

The umpiring throughout the game was pretty bad. The first inning phantom tag by Millar was about as clear as possible from every camera angle, but not one umpire could see it?

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Steriod rage?

"It could have been worse if I didn't hold my composure," Sheffield said. "I almost snapped, but the thing is I thought about the consequences."

So says Gariod Sheffield after shoving a fan while still holding on to the ball. Some composure there buddy.

I watched the play no less than 30 times from just about every angle and it's IMPOSSIBLE to tell if this fan was trying to do anything to Sheffield. There is also no way you can say that the beer was thrown at him. If you see it this way, I've got a feeling you might be more than a little blinded by pinstripes.

So, why did Sheffield shove the fan? Did he think it was an accident? If so, he would be a complete idiot for shoving the guy. Did he think the guy took a swing at him on purpose? If so, he should have thrown the ball to the infield and turned and laughed at the guy for having an easy target and missing terribly. Come on, the guy wasn't even looking at Sheff.

Saturday, April 09, 2005

The most beautiful thing I've ever seen

Well, maybe not THE most beautiful (my wife and kids come in slightly ahead). But this is definitely up in the top 5.

Remember last year when Foulke had a miserable spring training and then started the season lights out? Well, I've got a theory. Maybe pitchin in the World Series last year threw off his internal clock. Maybe this last week has been his bad spring training and he'll turn it around shortly. Either way, I was mighty pissed at him last night for apparently wanting to test the hearts of all Sox fans in the ninth.

So, we pulled even. We're now 2-2 nice and early in the season. Let me point out some of what I think our bright spots have been these first 4 games.

David Ortiz is trying to make last year look like a slump. He's started off the season 8 for 16 with 3 doubles and a homer. Um, shall we say En Fuego?

Kevin Millar is hitting like the late season Kevin Millar, clocking in currently with a .455 batting average and a .533 obp. Only one slight problem, all 5 of his hits have been singles, but at least he's reaching base.

Jason Varitek apparently likes having that C on his chest. In 3 games, he's also hitting .455, while slugging 1.091. He has 2 homers and a double out of his 5 hits. How sexy is that?

Bronson Arroyo showed up last night with a pretty 6 innings, 4 k's and only 3 hits. He's sitting pretty with a 3.00 ERA currently. I know, it's early, but it's still a good sign.

Oh, and one last note, isn't it funny how the tides have turned? Yankees fans are extremely obsessed with the Sox this year. Simply obsessed, I tell you.